About Hess

Hess Language School (HLS) was founded in 1983 by Joseph Chu and Karen Hess. Today, there are over one hundred branches placed throughout Taiwan. These branches are owned and operated by the Main Office in Taipei, by joint ventures with local partners, and by franchise partners. Our branches are operated and owned by T2GO Head Office in Taipei. While each branch is owned and operated independently, all branches follow a unified teaching method. The current English language program began in 1987 and is continuously updated and improved. The program is designed specifically to meet the requirements of Taiwanese children, with a particular focus on conversational skills.

Our Team

Our Staff and teachers are graduates from the following universities

University of Melbourne

Australia No. 1

University of Toronto

Canada No. 1

University of British Columbia

Canada No. 2

McGill University

Canada No. 3

University of Leeds

UK Top 10

University of Manchester

UK Top 10

University of Bristol

UK Top 10

Texas A&M University


University of Illinois

US Top 30

University of California

US Top 30

University of Limerick

Ireland Top 10

Ewha Woman’s University

South Korea Top 10

and more…

Trusted Learning Experience

"The teachers are extremely attentive and classes are well planned! The children are very happy, overall I’m very satisfied! Thank you guys!"

Parent from Shertzi Branch

"The children don’t even want to go to sleep after class and want to be read to in English before bed!"

A parent from Shertzi Branch

"I’d really like to thank all the teachers for their hard work and effort so that I don’t need to worry about my children’s school work! Thank you for the extra attention given to their mental and psychological state as well!"

A parent from Dazhi Branch

"Thank you for all your efforts! I hope that the standard maintains at such a high level!"

A parent from Donghu Branch

"The sisters are very happy! Very grateful to the teachers!"

Parent from Donghu Branch

"Thank you for all your efforts! Sharing classroom work and activities has become a delight during our conversations!"

Parent from Zhongxiao Branch

"Very grateful for all the hard work the teachers put in! It really raises the bar for expectations and gives us hope for the outstanding progress and growth our kids will achieve."

Parent from Zhongxiao Branch

On top of our regular and seasonal courses, we also offer individual and private group tutorials at reasonable rates for students who are studying at international schools in Taipei. For more information of the schools, please find the useful links below:

We also offer a wide range of academic courses for students who are interested in language proficiency tests or academic events. For more information of the tests and events, please find the useful links below: