HESS Shertzi Branch

Our Courses

American Program

For ages 6 ~ 12

HESS American Program is designed for students to study English in the American style. English core skills are taught, as well as other subjects, such as art, science, social studies, math and language arts, all in a 100% English environment. The program is designed to promote self-study and fluency, rather than focusing on studying for tests.

Pre-AP Class

For ages 6 ~ 12

If your children have never learnt English before, we encourage them to join our Pre-AP classes to help enhancing their English ability quickly. Once they have graudated from our Pre-AP classes, they will continue on in our HESS American Program.

Junior High English Class

For ages 12 ~ 15

HESS Junior High English program aims to further strengthen children’s English ability, by providing advanced English speaking and writing skills across a wide range of topics. The purpose is to cultivate children’s critical thinking and communication skills, allowing them them use English confidently and preparing for overseas education in the future.

Summer & Winter Camp

For all ages

We also provides both Summer and Winter Camps for those looking for extra curricular activities! Many classes such as outdoor activities are focused not only on learning but having fun too!

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Parents Testimonial

Parents from Shertzi Branch
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Focus on American school-style education and entertainment. Cultivating students' self-confidence and joy of learning in the competition, it can be seen that teachers' teaching with heart is one of the most recommended points.
Parents from Shertzi Branch
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Professional teaching, really great!