Hess AP League Career Benefits

Work Permits and Visa Sponsorship

T2GO will sponsor those who are hired as Native Speaking Teachers (NSTs) for Resident Visas
and Work Permits. Details of the visa process, fees, and required documents will be sent to the
teacher upon acceptance.

NSTs must be willing to make one-year commitments to living in Taiwan and working for T2GO.
During this time, NSTs cannot work for other companies, as per Taiwanese laws. NSTs may
have their visas revoked if they work for companies other than the one that sponsors their visa.


New teachers participate in an intensive training program and orientation during their first week
in Taiwan. Training includes videos, class observations, workshops, lesson planning, and
teaching practice. Kindergarten teachers receive additional training that focuses on the
development and needs of young children. T2GO will also provide a Chinese phrasebook for
new NSTs during the initial training week, which include basic phrases for living in Taiwan.


T2GO Head Office, located in downtown Taipei, provides a variety of support services. There
are both Chinese and foreign staff that can help you with: (1) Work permit processing and (2) Resident visa processing and information

Other career Details

What We Provide
  • Resident Visa and Work Permit Sponsorship
  • Labor and Health Insurance
  • Assistance in Finding Housing
  • Guaranteed Hours and Blocked Class Times
  • Raises
  • Training and Orientation
  • Stable and Supportive Environment

Pay for language school starts at NT$650 per hour. NSTs are eligible for raises every six
months. Payday is on the seventh of every month.
Pay for kindergarten starts at NT$650 per hour.


NSTs typically will work 16-20 hours, five days a week. On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and
Friday, classes are conducted from 1:30-7:30pm. On Tuesday, classes are conducted from
4:30-7:30pm. Teachers must be available to work all day on these days.

NSTs who teach part time at kindergarten will teach Monday to Friday, from 9:00-11:30am. Full
time kindergarten teachers teach Monday to Friday, from 8:30-11:30am, and from
1:30-4:00pm, as well as six additional hours at the language school, over a few nights
throughout the week.


All of our branches are located in the Taipei metropolitan area. T2GO reserves the right to place
an NST in any of our branches. Upon commencement of their contract, NSTs cannot change
locations. An NST may choose to work in a different branch when signing a second one-year


NSTs will be eligible for Taiwan’s National Health Insurance, which costs approximately NT$1300 a month for medical insurance, a small fraction of the total cost. T2GO and the
government will pay the remainder of the cost. This insurance covers visits to doctors, dentists,
hospitals, and prescription medicine.


Taiwan has approximately ten days of national holidays throughout the year, during which we
are closed. The longest holiday is Chinese New Year, which is typically in January or February.

Teachers are allowed 14 vacation days, and up to 7 days of sick leave. Vacation days may be
used at any time. Written requests may be made in cases of emergency. All time off is unpaid.


T2GO offers a variety of contract options depending on their needs and goals for their year
here. Most NSTs have found that teaching full time (between 16-18 hours per week) makes
them self-sufficient and leaves them plenty of time to study and sightsee. NSTs interested in
working with younger students or wanting to teach more hours may wish to apply for teaching
part time at HLS Kindergarten, which usually adds 16-18 hours per week to their normal


Taxes are 18% until the NST has worked in Taiwan for 183 days in a calendar year (January 1st
to December 31st). On the 184th day, the rate drops to 5%. If the NST has paid 20% and has
been in the country for more than 183 days, they are eligible for a tax refund.

What Do I Need to Apply?
  • Recent Photograph
  • Resume or CV
  • Copy of university/college diploma. (Please do not send your transcripts. If you are yet
    to graduate, indicate the date you will receive your diploma.)
  • Two reference letters
  • A completed application form
  • Criminal record check (CBC)
  • Proof of measles vaccination
  • Housing contract (for applying ARC)
Application Schedule
Application Deadline Interview Written Response Begin Teaching
January 31st Early February Last full week of May First week of June
April 30th Early March Last full week of August First week of March
July 31st Early August Last full week of November First week of
October 31st Early November Last full week of February First week of March







「謝謝努力! 希望師資水平可以像現在這樣棒且一直維持下去!」












「第一次看到小朋友在課堂上的狀況!第一次參加家長說明會!第一次老師讓家長提問...... 太多的第一次讓我想像到自己的孩子在這樣的教學環境下學習,真的感動到眼淚快跑出來了!感謝老師們對英語教育的熱心!接下來的學習過程一定會遇到各種問題,老師們請繼續加油!家長會無疑問的配合!」




「小朋友現在回來會跟著我們玩英文單字接龍遊戲~~ 發現不知不覺中,累積的詞彙已經比預期多了!覺得蠻開心他喜歡也有興趣~ 謝 謝老師們的努力~~」