HESS American Program, ignites your child's infinite possibilities!

HESS American Program adopts the same curriculum as a U.S. primary school, following the same Common Core State Standards in a 100% English speaking environment. The best part – you can find us right in your neighborhood!

Our Courses


For ages 3 to 6

American School Curriculum

We use the same curriculum as U.S. primary schools, including subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Art to allow kids to explore their interests!


100% English-speaking Environment

In addition to adopting the same curriculum as U.S. primary schools, we offer learning in 100% English-speaking environment.

Professional Native Speaking Teachers

Our professional native-speaking teachers have numerous years of teaching experience, many of them graduated from top ranking universities abroad.


Enjoy the Amercian Program right in your neighborhood!

Here’s what parents say about HESS American Program

HESS American Program lays a solid foundation for students to learn, aims at lifelong learning, and provides a high-quality language learning environment.

Parents from Shertzi Branch
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"The children don't even want to go to sleep after class and want to read English before bed!"
Parents from Dazhi Branch
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"I'd really like to thank all the teacher for their hard work and effort so that I don't need to worry about my children's school work! Thank you for the extra attention given to their mental and psychological state as well!"
Parents from Zhongxiao Branch
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"Thank you for all your efforts! Sharing classroom work and activities has become a delight during our conversations!"

Smooth transition to International Schools

Above are recommended international schools where HESS AP does not have formal partnerships with these schools.

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